Proactive 7 Security & Support

ProACTIVE 7 managed service that is aligned with your business goals


$69.99 A MONTH

Our ProACTIVE 7 Security & Support Service is our all encompassing managed service. At Computrek, our team of IT professionals are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive computer support possible. With our ProACTIVE 7 Security & Support model our objective is to improve the quality of service provided to your business. Under this model your business will receive all the necessary tools to keep your system running optimally, while drastically reducing the risk of security threats and vulnerabilities. Let us help your business protect your productivity while ensuring that your systems are as secure as possible.

Our Goal:

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible. With this offering, your business is well protected from threats. With the inclusion of proactive monitoring, we strive to keep your systems secure and productive. By improving the security and reliability of your network, we endeavour to give you peace of mind that access to your network is dependable, secure, and consistent.

How It Works:

Our ProACTIVE 7 Security and Support service works on a subscription basis. You pay a per user fee that is uniquely customized to your business. This per user fee covers the tools for monitoring and management of your entire network (servers, workstations, and related network equipment). All users have access to unlimited remote support.

Best Of Class Software & Tools:

In our proactive security and support model, we have selected industry leading tools designed to monitor and maintain your systems remotely in order to ensure their reliability and security. The bundle includes tools for remote monitoring and management, endpoint security, email security, and network security. The bundle will also include any other tool that we determine to increase protect your productivity and network reliability, all for one fee.

Unlimited Remote Support:

The majority of problems we encounter on a daily basis can be resolved remotely. With unlimited remote support, all of your users receive the fast and reliable help they need. Our remote support service is available 24/7 to address any issues that may arise.

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